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Open Lithuanian long distance triathlon championship


1900 m – 90 km – 21,6 km

Eriskiai, Panevezys district

2016 06 19



Regulations in LT

Welcome to participate Lithuanian and foreign athletes born in 1998 and older.



Lithuanian athletes             

Foreign athletes


Start fee (for individuals and for a team)

Date Start fee
Until 2016 05 05 70 Eur
Until 2016 06 10 80 Eur
After 2016 06 10, on the race day also 120 Eur


Bank account



SWIFT HABALT22, Swedbank, AB

The title of transfer should include: name, surname, “Long distance triathlon”, group (in which you are going to start).


Event shedule

9.40 Briefing

11.00 START

(1,9 km (3 laps) – 90 km (6 laps) – 21,6 km (12 laps)).

Age groups:

JW, JM (women and men born in 1997-1998);

Elite – EW, EM (women and men born in 1977-1996);


V1W, V1M (women and men born in 1967-1976);

V2W, V2M (women and men born in 1957-1966);

V3W, V3M (women and men born in 1956 and earlier);

Relay groups:

EST1 (team consists of 3 men);

EST2 (team consists of 3 women);

EST3 (team consists of 3 different gender participants)


17.00 Awarding ceremony

The absolute winners and prizemen will be awarded with material prizes. The winners and prizemen of relay will be awarded with diplomas and material prizes.

NOTE: Every athlete must have a license of his/her National Federation. It will be possible to buy 1 day race license at the registration place (price – 3 EUR).


The rules of competition

  1. Wetsuit is allowed to wear, if water temperature is 21°C and below. Start swimming from the water. Participants must wear swimming cap with the number (organizers prepared).
  2. A visual bike check will take place upon Check-in to the transition area before the competition. Technical Officials will check that bikes (brakes, steering and wheels construction) comply with the ITU Competition Rules.
  3. Drafting is not allowed in cycling. Violation – 180 sec penalty.
  4. Outside assistance is prohibited during the race. Violation – 15 sec penalty.
  5. The athletes who do not finish the race (DNF), crosses the race track are disqualified (DSQ).
  6. A disqualification is a penalty appropriate for repeated rule violations.
  7. The athletes born in 1976 and earlier can compete in elite age group, but they lose the right to their group awards.
  8. Bike and uniform of the athlete must comply with the ITU rules.
  9. The results of the athletes capture the electronic timing system.
  10. Protests have to be filled and investigated according to the ITU rules.
  11. The bike course will be semi-closed. The speed of the transport will be limited until 30 km/h.
  12. On the bike course will be placed nutrition station (bananas, water, energy drink), on the run course – water station.

Relay rules

Separate course is performed by different athlete.

A swimmer must wear a swimming cap and timing chip. Athlete goes to relay exchange zone after swimming. Here stands cyclist without helmet and shoes. Cyclist must put a timing chip on the leg and go to the transition zone. First of all, he must put on a helmet then, take a bike and go to the track. After cycling athlete must put a bike in its place, take off a helmet and go to the relay exchange zone. Here the runner puts a timing chip on the leg and goes to the track.

Race courses

Swim course. 1900 m (3 laps). Start from the water. Expected water temperature 19-21ºC.

Bike course. 90 km (6 laps after 15 km), 1 nutrition station (on the 8th lap kilometer). Transport traffic is not closed. Other road users are informed about the races. Relief is flat.

Run course. 21,6 km (12 laps after 1,8 km), 1 nutrition station (on the 1,7th lap kilometre). Course covering – asphalt, relief is flat.



 Lithuanian Triathlon Federation